Thursday, May 15, 2014

It's Graduation Time

This Saturday...two days from now...
our baby girl graduates from high school.
The years seem to have flown by so quickly.
It's odd thinking that we're completely done with the high school years.
I've been told there is life after high school and I think I can get used to that in time.
I'll surely have a clean hanky or two close by on Saturday.

This was her last day wearing those plaid skirts.  She was headed to graduation practice and stepped outside to tell us goodbye.  I wanted to snap a pic.  She scooped up baby boy and sat on the swing.  He's wondering what the heck she's so excited about.
I love that he has no ankles and his legs go right into his fat little feet.

In the sewing room, I've completed the pink chevron bishop.  
I so enjoyed working on this dress.
I thought it would make my eyes did not.
The fabric smocked beautifully and the zig zag chevrons matched up really well.
The good sewing fairies certainly sprinkled their pixie dust on me and this dress!

I used the Children's Corner bishop dress pattern for this dress.  The sleeve edge is trimmed with a sweet Swiss eyelet.  The smocking design is named Bayless by Trudy Horne.  I will use this design again on a solid fabric as it is very beautiful.  The French knot designs were fun to stitch and so petite.
The dress back buttons up with mother of pearl shank buttons...pretty.

It didn't take me long to begin another quiet time project.  
I've been wanting to begin knitting my first cardigan type sweater.
I turned my hank of Carnation MadTosh Pashmina into a cake.

and started following the directions...very slowly and carefully...paying tremendous attention to keeping my place.
So far, so good

This morning while baby boy napped, I was able to separate the sleeves and transfer those stitches onto waste yarn.  I then casted on for the underarm area with backward loop cast-ons.  
Thank goodness for internet videos!!
Baby Tea Leaves is the pattern I'm using in the 6-12 month size.
My goal is to practice on this tiny one and if all goes well then I'll make one for myself.

I also had a birthday.
My people spoiled me real good!
Sweetpea brought me four macarons from one of my favorite places on Earth.
I love their macarons.
She also gave me a pedicure gift certificate.

This beautiful bouquet was delivered to my front door,
a gift from precious baby boy and his family.
My parents brought me a blooming orchid lovely.
The boys gave gifts also,
 Firstborn gave me a stevia plant and
 Secondborn had the day off work and came spend the day with me.
Prince Charming is a gift to me every day of the year!

In the potager...
cherry tomatoes
still mostly green, but starting to turn red,

My Seven Sisters Rose bush bloomed heavily this spring.

Check out these lovely bags from 
I got the large size to store my knitted blanket in and I really, really like this bag.
Plus, I really like Wanda at Reinventing Mother and she is the sweet gal who makes these beautiful bags.

Thanks for visiting this little world of mine.


  1. I have no idea what is wrong with the Flickr pics on my site...something is wrong on Flickr's end..sorry...hopefully they will fix it soon. sorry

  2. Wow!! A lot going on. First belated Happy Birthday! And congratulations to Sweet Pea. I will be thinking of you Saturday. A proud day for all. LOVE the bishop. I have that fabric in blue. Need to get it stitched up before Princess outgrows the yardage.

  3. Congratulations, Sweet Pea. Oh, Cheryl, to think of all of the years of schooling -- have they not just flown by? Well, I know you know they did. How can a day be so long and a lifetime so short? Sniff. ;-)

    Love your projects. Your Baby tea leaves is a precious color. (Cough: yarn snob: cough)

    1. Thank you, Barbara :) Yes, the days were often long, but the years have flown by.

      I am enjoying this knitting pattern. I am so ignorant when it comes to yarn, I feel a little more confident using the yarn called for in the pattern, but gosh, yes, it is a tad costly. :) I did only have to buy one. The tea leaves cardi I plan to make for myself will be of a less snobbish fiber. ;)

  4. Happy Birthday!! Your daughter is beautiful! Congratulations to all!

  5. Thinking of you and Sweet Pea today! It is a bittersweet time. May most of the tears be ones of joy! (((hugs))))

    1. Thank you, Jan :) It was a wonderful ceremony this morning and I did not shed a single tear..I am amazed! :)

  6. What a lovely time of year for you - a birthday, a graduation, lovely blooming and growing things all around you. I am grateful that you shared so many lovely pictures. Hope your June is healthy, happy and productive too.