Saturday, April 26, 2014

Happy Easter

Happy Easter Everyone!

I've just listed three new ironing board covers in my etsy shop.  I was down to two white ones and the place was looking rather empty.  I have more cut out to make and list.
Anyone know where I can find more hours in a day???

Earlier this morning, I pleated this size 6 chevron bishop.
I hope smocking it doesn't murder my eyes. 
I've been putting off going to the eye doctor...the completion of this dress may be the ticket to my actually getting there.

 I said I would NEVER!!!!! smock chevron fabric...
famous last words.
My neighbor's little granddaughter picked out this fabric for her voice recital dress next month...and she sings so beautifully...and the fabric is pink and white...and I have such issues with saying no to smocking...and I know she'll wear a pink bow in her pretty long hair and look like a little angel. 

Outside, Prince Charming and I have been planting our summer garden...
tomatoes, green peppers, jalapeno and mild, green beans, cucumbers, green onions, zucchini, parsley, okra, and leeks.  
So far, so good - we've only had one pepper plant destroyed at ground level by a cut worm.

Prince Charming is calling me to help him prepare lunch...I'm starving...gotta go.


  1. Holy cow! I know my eyes would be shot. I am using +2.75 glasses to wire wrap rosaries these days. And I think my eyes are getting worse because I used to be able to sew without glasses (I am mostly nearsighted) but my "old" eyes are catching up with me. I say work in short bursts with long breaks. And good luck. I'm sure that little girl with be darling!

    And I think I might ask for a new ironing board cover for Mother's Day. ;-)

    1. Thanks, Barbara :) I am at +2.00 reading glasses and have been for many years. I still don't need glasses for distance correction and am so thankful as I cannot stand wearing glasses all the time. Yes, I will work in short bursts....a row here, a row there. :) I will list more ironing board covers in the next couple days. Thanks. :)

  2. Oooo, I wish I had some money flapping around with no place to go, I'd snap up that 3rd cover in a heartbeat. I like all of them though, really.
    In November I got my first pair of progressive bifocal lenses (I am slightly nearsighted, and definitely have begun being presbyopic, which means I need "readers" for closework). I find that I often prefer the readers though for needlework, as I don't have to hold my head "just so" with them like I do for the progressives. I am a lurker and a studier of smocking, but have yet to dip my toe in, but I think the day is getting closer - I have a new niece who clearly needs me to be her favorite auntie who keeps her well and daintily dressed. I was interested to see that you do hand-pleating. I thought it might be difficult to do without a pleater, which is expensive although well worth it, I'm sure. Anyhoo, sorry to be long-winded, but I love your blog and your work and photos inspire me.

    1. Aww, thanks, Wendy Bee :) I do have a pair of progressive lens...for about 4 years now, but have never gotten used to them. To me, they are awful for walking, talking, sitting at the computer or sewing machine, up and down steps, or the worst...driving. I really tried to get used to them, but never could. I keep them in the kitchen for recipes, close onion chopping. I also use them in Holy Mass as they are more comfortable from the transition from my missal to looking at the altar. I keep cheap readers all over this house.

      Also, very sorry to mislead you with the pleating...I DID NOT hand pleat that dress...I would still be doing it. I used my pleater. What you see in the pic is the neckline pinned and blocked in a circle on my cork board. I've only hand pleated one dress in my years of smocking. I LOVE MY PLEATER!! :)

      Yes, your new niece needs you to smock for her. Hand-pleating is certainly doable for a tiny baby dress. :) Again, thanks :)