Friday, January 3, 2014

On The Tenth Day of Christmas

Life is starting to return to normal and I'm both sad and happy over that.
The pest control man arrived this morning for our annual termite inspection/treatment.
Prince Charming and Sweetpea are on their last days of vacation.  On Monday, P.C. returns to work after having the last three weeks off.
It's been a wonderful vacation for us.
Sweetpea also returns to school on Monday, eager to get going as graduation is ahead.
Secondborn's diploma has arrived and been framed.

The Christmas decor is still up and looking good, but it all comes crashing down (hopefully, not literally) on Sunday afternoon.
This house will get organized and cleaned on Monday.
Well, that's the plan anyway.

All the Christmas goodies have been consumed.
The wine is almost gone.
We've returned to real food, fresh juice, and smoothies.

Those fun scarves are being put to use in this cold weather we're having lately. 
I've been working on my color block knitted baby blanket in the evenings and long car rides.
I'm on my third cake of yarn out of seven at this point and loving the color blue I'm currently knitting.

I have lots of ideas in mind for sewing projects for this winter, a smocked dress for a friend's new granddaughter, a little boy's first birthday outfit, sewing for myself some.  
I feel like I wear the same thing to Mass...over  and over...and am hoping to add some new pieces to my old, tired collection.

Off to switch laundry before baby boy wakes up...
Hope you all have a wonderful, warm weekend!


  1. You are a knitting maniac! I can't believe how fast you fly!

    Hey, I am interested in a juicer. What brand is yours?

    PS Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Barbara! :) NC800HDS is the model number of the Omega family gave it to me for Christmas. I really like it!

      I don't think I knit very fast, but it's so relaxing and I'm in no rush with this baby blanket.

  2. Congrats to Second Born! I know you are proud. ANd there is something soothing about getting back to a routine, isn't there?

    1. Thank you, Martha :) Yes, I am proud of that boy of mine. :) I love taking down the Christmas decor, cleaning, dejunking and getting back to our normal.

  3. Dear Cheryl, God sure has given you a wonderful talent! I can only knit scarves and more scarves:)
    If I only had a great teacher like yourself. I have used and enjoyed my ironing board cover almost daily. I did sew many aprons for Christmas gifts this year. I have also started a new interest of making necklaces. I keep an I on your blog as I have you on the bottom of my Blog as some of Bloggers I enjoy, but are not able to post as often. I still have my pictures of when I received my ironing board cover and I will post them with a link to your blog!
    Happy New Year!! Come visit me or Email once in a blue moon...

    1. Happy New Year to you, Roxy! I was at your bloggy home a few days ago, but didn't leave you a lovely comment like you did at my bloggy home. I'm happy you're enjoying your ironing board cover. How nice of you to give handmade Christmas gifts...very lucky recipients indeed! So far all I can knit is scarves...and only in garter stitch...I could teach you that very easily. :) I really need to branch out a bit and attempt some sort of stitch pattern beyond the relaxing garter stitch. I also need to learn to increase and decrease stitches to move towards cardigans and socks. :)