Sunday, January 26, 2014

On A Sunny Sunday Afternoon

in the middle of a cold winter,
the weather warmed up enough for me to plant eighty leek-lings that arrived last Friday.

My main gardener helped with the watering and mulching.

Checking on the carrots, I pulled on one that looked nice, and look what I pulled up.
It was over an inch in diameter and six inches long. 
And here all this time, I wondered if they were doing anything?
Firstborn washed it at the faucet and ate it...saying it tasted "alive."
I pulled another, washed it and ate it.  They weren't sweet enough and need a little more time.

Back inside......

I completed the first birthday outfits I had been working on, wrapped them up and gave them away.

The blue twill Children's Corner Baby Bubble pattern.

The very manly camo Children's Corner Johnny shortall pattern,
lined and piped in hunter safety orange of course.

What?  You don't take pics of your pin cushion? ;)

The next little project on my craft table.
Two Children's Corner patterns combined baby bubble idea from facebook that had me curious from the get-go.
I combined the bubble bottom of the 6 mo. Taylor pattern with the top of the 6 mo. Becky pattern.
It will have a little sleeve ruffle and button up the back like the Baby Bubble pattern.

If it comes out cute, you'll see it finished and if not...oh well, you'll never see it. :)

Oh, and that trip to the yarn store a couple Saturdays ago...
I had the boyfriend scarf pattern on the brain and bought accordingly.
It was on sale and by the time I knit it up, it will be considered stash...
and we all know stash is "free!"

For now, I'm working on my baby blanket, here and there, when I have enough time to finish a row or four.
I've just added the fourth "cake" of seven, a lovely robin egg blue.  
I tend to make mistakes when I put my piece away mid-row.
Mistakes lead to wailing and gnashing of teeth and such.
The blanket is now as long as my lap and gets warmer by the row.

I think that is all for now -
Hope you all have a wonderful week!
It's hard to believe the end of January is already here...gosh, the new year just started.


  1. Hello Cheryl, I was thinking of you this morning as I was ironing my clothes for Church :)
    I think fondly of you! I love the name of your Blog as you stated the end of January is at hand.
    Loved the sweet outfits!
    Blessings, Roxy

    1. Thank you, Roxy :) Glad you are enjoying your ironing board cover! January has just flown by...:)

  2. Enjoy your knitting and tea this week. A fellow southern Louisianan told me she is getting snow on Tuesday while we in Ohio get a high of -2. I hope your leeks and carrots make it.

    PS love your pin cushion and pretty pins!

    1. Thanks, Barbara :) Yes, it is supposed to get very cold again this week. I almost froze to death inside my heated house last Friday...temp of 27, rainy, and icy. I wouldn't make it up north. :( We cover our gardens when it gets really cold. Thankfully, the freezing temps don't last too long, so doesn't kill the plants. My lettuce has been stunted though. :(

  3. Hi Cheryl, You have a lovely garden. Those little outfits are so cute, love your smocking. I see you are still knitting, glad you are still enjoying it. Claire in VA

    1. Thank you, Claire :) I really am enjoying my garter stitch knitting. :) After my blanket is done, I hope to begin a small project with more of a design pattern...If I don't chicken out first. :)

  4. Visiting from Roxy's blog. You certainly are talented. You have a lovely blog and so many pretties in your etsy shop. Your garden is looking great. Mildred

    1. Thank you, Mildred! Nice to meet you and very glad you stopped by and left a comment. :) I'll be visiting your bloggie home very soon. My best friend from high school lives in/near your area...I think she is in or near Jefferson..on a golf course. :)

  5. My friend Roxy sent me over to your blog and I can see that I am going to love reading it. I love your ironing board covers and all that you put you hand too. Many Blessings.

    1. Thank you, Pam, for visiting and leaving me a sweet comment! I am really enjoying these visits from Roxy's friends. :)