Friday, March 1, 2013


I am joining Barbara in her 12 / Year...2013 Monthly Photo Diary
hoping to capture some of the highlights of each month of the year!

I started off the first of February with a hair trim that I needed so badly. 
And it was a wonderful, sunny day...dark shades a must!

Finally turned 2000 miles on my ten month old car...clearly I *need* to drive her more!

Walked outside a few days into February...looked up at the sky and saw this over our home...wondered if a bomb would fall out of the sky?? or maybe a big bag of money!
Husband had just come home from the grocery store fussing about him not being able to retire until we quit eating!  haha

Some days this month have been cold...mugs of hot tea needed

with large wedges of lemon!
This Meyer lemon from my brother's large I could only hold one at a time!

We enjoyed king cake during the Mardi Gras season...well, my family enjoyed lots of it...
I had a little, tiny bit.

I started a sweet little quilt for my grandmother's hope chest...still working on it

made a few ironing board covers for my etsy shop

also listed four doll quilt sets on etsy

Valentine's Day brought roses inside and out!

And a few days ago, this excuse for an ironing board cover arrived at my house...clearly this one wins the "ugly" award!

I made a paper pattern as this is an over-the-door ironing board.
Then dug through my stash fabric and made this sweet little board a brand new cover!
I hope her new owner will be pleased.

The lemon tree in my yard...covered with very fragrant blossoms, baby lemons, and bees! 
I am hopeful!

I'm so glad we're headed towards spring.  I'm tired being cold...seems I'm always cold.
Although, I know come July, I'll be fussing about the heat and humidity.

I'm glad it's this house needs a serious cleaning and I need to cook several main meals for next week. 
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



  1. That was a very productive month, Cheryl. I need to remember to take pictures of all my finished projects!

    That boy is getting so big. And starting to look like his sister! Cute, cute!

    And great haircut. I like it!

    1. Thanks, Barbara :) Yes, the boy does look like his sister at times. Some of his facial expressions tells me she taught those to him. :)

  2. Hi Cheryl,
    I am visiting all the 12/year people!
    Loved your pics -
    That lemon is bigger than any I've seen.
    I like to dabble in a bit of embroidery (mostly cross stitch) and sewing, too. I am no expert, but I try to make a few things.
    You have such a nice blog. I look forward to your March 12/year.

    1. Thank you, Angela :) The lemon was the largest I've ever seen too!

  3. I LOVE your hair!!! Trying to get mine back to the "bob." Blessings, DArby

    1. Thank you, Darby :) I wore my hair cut in layers...short layers for years. I let all those layers grow out in time for my 42nd birthday and vowed I would never cut layers again.